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HadCET Releases

The HadCET series is updated on a periodic basis with a new version of the dataset released when fixes
to the current series are resolved or updates to the scientific methods used in the generation of the series are made.

These changes are made to maintain the consistency and accuracy of the CET daily and monthly series through time and
ensure that the series can continue to be used as an important source of information for climate monitoring over an extended period.

Changes made to the CET series for each version release are documented with any changes to the methodology and
calculation of certain aspects of the series explained and the impact on the final series quantified.

Version  Release date   Release notes
April 2023
V2.0.1.0 release notes (PDF)
May 2022
V2.0.0.0 release notes (PDF)

Version control protocol

CET versions follow the standard format Vx.y.z.a where: